Mountain Rescue Splint Pack To Evacuate Victims from Mountainous Areas

Rescue team should have Mountain Rescue Splint Pack when they have to evacuate a victim from mountainous areas. It is a set of integrated rescue equipment that features lighter weight, maximum portability and better efficiency compared to our conventional rescue equipment. As you know, to perform rescues in mountainous terrain, rescue teams need to climb or walk on difficult terrain. Heavy or bulky equipment can be in the way instead of helping the process, in fact, the rescue team might injure themselves before having the chance to save the victim.

Mountain Rescue Splint Pack offers a set of equipment that is easy to use during rough terrain rescues. Both designers have done extensive research with doctors as well as professional rescue teams to come up with this new equipment design and techniques.

Designers : Kao Cheng-Wei and Liao Yu-Kai

Mountain Rescue Splint Pack by Kao Cheng-Wei and Liao Yu-Kai

This pack offers high portability with its compact backpack form, therefore, rescue team can easily carry it on their shoulder. Rescuer can also choose which equipment to carry instead of having to carry all of them, this will drastically improve the efficiency as well as the flexibility of rescue operations. Mountain Rescue Splint Pack consists of 4 essential components: a bandage collar, a unidirectional folding spinal board, a stretcher with adjustable handles and of course the backpack.

The bandage collar hardens automatically when its anti-water film is removed, it’s a great plaster bandage for application to the victim’s neck. The spinal board folds in one side only to provide steady form of support for the victim. The adjustable stretcher enables user to adjust to the right angle to suit the terrain being traversed. The backpack of Mountain Rescue Splint Pack can be filled with any other tools such as climbing equipment, first aid kid or rapid hardening plaster splint tool.

Mountain Rescue Splint Pack by Kao Cheng-Wei and Liao Yu-Kai

Toyota Camatte Concept Looks Like a Big Car Toy

Toyota has released its latest family-oriented concept vehicle during International Tokyo Toy Show 2012 from June 14 to June 17, called Toyota Camatte. Well, Camatte does look like a toy, it is aimed to bring joy to parents and children alike. Forget about the usual futuristic and stylish Toyota concept car, you’ll be looking at cute and compact toy-like vehicle, a fun driving for children and parents.

Toyota Camatte offers 2 models: Camatte Sora and Camatte Daichi, the joy and dreams of motor vehicles that provide an opportunity for parents and children to experience unique driving experience, car customization and car enthusiasm.

From : Toyota

Toyota Camatte Car Concept Looks Like a Toy - Toyota Camatte Sora

Just like a toy, Toyota Camatte features customizable body, you can easily remove and install body panels and enable the adoption of a wide range of color and design combinations. The body structure has been designed to be as simple as possible to allow children and parents to handle these vehicle components while learning about structure and working with motor vehicles. The interior has triangular seating arrangement, in this way, the distance between passengers can be reduced to create intimacy and facilitate better parent-child communication.

Developing responsible driving skills can be done with Toyota Camatte. The pedals and seats are adjustable to allow a child operate with an adult supervision. Parents can assist steering and braking from the rear right seat.

Toyota Camatte Car Concept Looks Like a Toy - Toyota Camatte Daichi

Mechanized Digital Brings The Face Of The Watch To Life Creating An Element Of Surprise

All the watch craftsmen nowadays try to amaze customers by creating watches with different moving parts, new displays and more luxurious elements than before, but we know that something has to change. The change comes in the new watch concept created by Carl Allen. He didn’t change the shape of the watch, he changed the content and the way it displays the time. He named his concept as Mechanized Digital. The simple design, the contemporary shape we are all used to and the beautiful way all these elements are linked together, impress, but the face of the watch creates the element of surprise. The face of the watch is composed of digits, each digit is composed of seven panels. The element of surprise is by taking a traditional feature of a watch, the digital face and manipulating it to function in a non traditional way, in this case the face is able to change its shape.

Designer : Carl Allen

mechanized digital watch1

mechanized digital watch3

To create digits on the face of the watch, the panels recess, revealing contrasting sidewalls, which create the outline of a digit. Thus a surprise is created by manipulating something that is traditionally immobile to physically move. The watch comes in 2 different models, a rectangle shaped wrist watch, showing large numbers just as a digital watch and a circle shaped wrist watch that has been designed as an analog. The face of the watch consists of the same layout of panels. In the analog watch, the minutes are displayed in the center of the watch, the hours are in the same layout of a traditional watch, consisting of the same recessing panels. The right side of the watch has a light button, the light comes in different colours to match the users style.

The Mechanized Digital watch truly is amazing regarding the use of components, time display, simplicity and design. I really hope it will hit the market one day, this would definitely open new frontiers in watch design. The designer, Carl Allen, used his imagination, his creativity, and his design knowledge to create a masterpiece which shows that the ability of the human brain to create something better, is endless.

mechanized digital watch4

mechanized digital watch5

mechanized digital watch6

mechanized digital watch2

mechanized digital watch7

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