Replace Your Bulky Oven with Wall Mounted Oven

The “Wall Oven” is a futuristic oven concept by Ludovic Peperstraete which would be a great replacement for the conventional bulky and energy sapping ovens. This oven is mounted on the wall and features three lasers to cook perfect food of all kind. The user can have a perfect control on the final outcome by selecting a texture to cook from various options offered by the Wall Oven. Thus users can avoid the hassle and risk of spoiling the food by selecting a wrong temperature as well as erroneous cooking time. The wall mounting mechanism will increase the space efficiency of your house since you don’t need to place any fittings to make room for it.

wall oven

wall oven

wall oven

wall oven

wall oven

wall oven

wall oven

Designer : Ludovic Peperstraete

Huntleigh Healthcare Bed By Seymour Powell

Huntleight Healthcare has worked together with Seymour Powell to create a new range of beds with unique features designed to improve efficiency and reduce risks. This bed is meant to be used in all acute care environments.

Huntleight Healthcare is known for its reputation for robust and reliable beds, Seymour Powell was trying to create a new generation bed which incorporated more humanized and less harsh aesthetics, enabling the new beds to compete anywhere in the world. The result is a visually lighter and less cumbersome bed, based on an oval section tubular chassis and featuring blow moldings (rather than the usual metal) for all safety sides and for the head and foot boards, with hand cut-outs for easy grip and dismantling. The bed also converts with great ease into a chair position, with the safety sides able to pivot, so that they don’t have to be removed, as is the norm, with the footplate going straight down.

huntleigh healthcare bed

huntleigh healthcare bed design

“The design of the Enterprise beds has been based around several years of intensive research, in which the whole hospital environment was taken into consideration”, said Geoff Cox, Group Managing Director of Huntleigh Healthcare. “In addition to the needs of patients and their direct carers, the requirements of engineers, porters and cleaning staff were also addressed. Risk management, ease of use and servicing were key factors in the development thought process.”

huntleigh healthcare bed by seymour powell

huntleigh healthcare hospital bed

Designer : Seymour Powell

V13R from Campagna Motors, a Three Wheeled Sports Vehicle

The design goal of Campagna V13R is to remind you of Hotrod era, while at the same time also combine the modern style details. Born V13R, a three wheeled sports vehicle powered by 1250cc Harley-Davison engine, connected to a 5-speed sequential transmission. Beautiful fiberglass body is laid over a tubular steel chassis with triangulated side walls a front crash zone and twin rollover bars. The chassis comes as standard in a black finish, with chrome plating as an option.

Campagna V13R three wheeled vehicle

Inside the Campagna V13R’s cockpit the side-by-side seating is roomy enough for two average-size adults. A grab bar helps during entry and exit. The V13R also features adjustable seats including headrests and adjustable pedal positions. For the instrument panel the V13R uses the Harley-Davidson V-ROD’s electronic Instrument Cluster. This is positioned in the center of the dashboard and tilted slightly toward the driver.

Campagna V13R three wheeled sports vehicle

v13r from curbin is three wheeled vehicle

cirbin v13r three wheeled vehicle

Under the front section of the V13R is the cargo compartment. The waterproof cargo space is large enough to carry personal items for a weekend away. If more cargo space is required optional color-matched side cases can be fitted.

cirbin v13r three wheeled vehicle

Prepare for $39,995 if you are ready to get this luxury sport vehicle, available in red and black color.

Designer : Campagna Motors

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