Meze 11 Classics Wood Earphones Come with EVA Case

Meze 11 Classics Wood Earphones are elegantly handcrafted with ebony wood enclosure to bring you crisp yet warm, natural sound. This earphones set is one of most portable devices of the Classic series, it combines high audio quality with portability and style. Completed with a microphone on the braided textile cord makes these earphones become your great companion in your busy lifestyle or street-wise music lover. The company explains that they strive to only create high quality wood headphones and earphones, that’s why you can expect nothing less than perfect audio quality and stylish design. Meze 11 earphones come with 3 sizes of soft silicone earbuds and EVA case for easy carrying.

Designer : Meze

Meze 11 Classics Wood Earphones

Meze 11 Classics Wood Earphones

Meze 11 Classics Wood Earphones

Meze 11 Classics Wood Earphones

Meze 11 Classics Wood Earphones

Meze 11 Classics Wood Earphones

Meze 11 Classics Wood Earphones

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Google Self-Driving Car Could Be The Future of Our Mobility

Google has released some images related to its Self Driving car project, it looks like a toy though, cute and compact. The progress looks good so far, imagine that you can go downtown for lunch without having to deal with the burden of driving or wasting 20 minutes to find parking. If this project comes to reality, we can kiss good bye to drunk and distracted driving.

Currently, Google is building some prototypes to make sure the car operates safely and autonomously without any human intervention. Google Self-Driving car won’t have any steering wheel, accelerator/brake pedal, because you don’t need them. The power lies within the software and sensors that do all the hard work for passengers. Simply press the start button, this car would take you anywhere you want to go, this should be the future of our mobility.

Designer : Google

Google Self-Driving Car

Google Self-Driving Car

The main focus of this project is the safety. This concept car is equipped with sensors to avoid blind spots, they have to be able to detect objects out to a distance of more than 2 football fields in all directions, especially when they are on a busy streets with lots of intersections. The interior has been designed for learning instead of luxury, it focuses on keeping passengers comfort at maximum, there are two seats with seatbelts, some space for passengers belongings, start/stop buttons, and a screen to display the route.

Table Magic Revolutionizes Quick And Healthy Cooking In A Pleasant And Unique Way

Ever thought that one day you’ll be cooking on a device just like a table cloth inside your house or even outside, in your very own backyard? This ingenious cooking device, was designed by Sara Laczo, a young designer from Hungary. Being a product oriented to Philips’s design language, Sara had to create a feminine, simple and natural shape, but not too futuristic. It’s very interesting that from all the cooking accessories that are present in an everyday kitchen, Sara picked up the table cloth for her inspiration. The simple shape of the table cloth and its ability to be spread on a table,  were the starting points. The Magic Table, as the designer named it, is composed of layers, stacked one on top of the other to create the perfect cooking tool. It has an edge that can light up to interact with the user. When the light is red the magic table is switched on, the light is blue when the product is on, but the cooking surface is not hot and when the light turns orange the product is warm, but the cooking surface is touchable.

Designer: Sara Laczo

table magic concept4

table magic concept1

Around this lighted edge, the designer has fitted a tangible edge. This has been colored in oxide green to create a contrast and is made from PVC or silicone. Cooking on the table magic is like having a mobile kitchen which you can push in the backyard to cook on a sunny day. The next layers are the Teflon coating and the heaters. The Teflon ensures that the food won’t stick to the surface making it easier to clean. The heaters are made from silicone and are arranged in such a way that can be heated up separately. The operating temperature is up to 260 degrees Celsius, pretty awesome for a 1,5 mm thick heater. The wire grid is built in the insulation, this insulation is a silicon foam and has a grid etched in its surface for the wire grid to fit perfectly.Going further though the layers, we find the Teflon insulation. This is the most important part of the device, as this gives it the ability to be folded or bended. The device has attached on one of the corners an operational panel. This panel can be fitted when the user wants to use the device and remove it after he/she has done cooking. The panel has a touch screen interface so the user can easily adjust the time and temperature.

The always present in a contemporary kitchen, the table cloth, has been redesigned and given a new role. Sara also won the second prize given by Philips Design Department in Amsterdam, Holland with the Table Magic, design that was submitted to the Quick and Healthy Cooking category.

table magic concept2

table magic concept3

table magic concept5

table magic concept6

table magic concept7

table magic concept8

table magic concept12

table magic concept11

table magic concept10

table magic concept13

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